Prototype 2 Live Action Trailer gives us Flashbacks

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While we all know why Alex Mercer is Sgt. James Heller’s #1 target, not many clips have shown us why we should give a damn. Today, all that has changed with a new video released by Activision, which shows our new protagonist leaping off a roof at full speed, having flashbacks as he makes the fall of the mental torture he has went through since being robbed of his humanity.

Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” sets the tone for the entire clip, and for the first time, I really feel I understand why this sequel is wrapped around revenge, as these clips do the narrative a ton of justice. Prototype 2 is still over a week away from release, but while you wait, you can check out the brand new vid below and don’t forget that you can still pre-order the Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector’s edition today through most retailers.

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