PlayStation Vita sales set consecutive record lows

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Despite a relatively warm reception in the West, things in Japan are going from bad to worst for the PlayStation Vita. Sales for Sony’s handheld gaming device has spent two consecutive weeks breaking its own poor sales records. Andriasang reports the the PlayStation Vita managed to only sell 8,250 units in Japan this past week, allowing it to be beaten out by the PSP at 13,166. Nintendo’s handheld on the other hand pulled in 63,796 sales.

This is disheartening news but not unsurprising considering the fact that Sony has quite literally dropped the ball with the PlayStation Vita ever since it was released. A number of factors have made the appeal of buying a Vita dwindle such as the high price range and the lack of any games being released. Honestly, look at the release schedule for the Vita… dry as a desert besides the bountiful oasis of Disgaea 3 and Gravity Rush…

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