Neptunia V to feature new Planeptune CPU by the name of Pururut

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In Neptunia V the main heroine, Neptune/Purple Heart, has been sent through time back into the 1980s. In the ’80s a different CPU is in charge of watching over Planeptune and her name is Pururut, though the scans from Dengeki PlayStation, seen above, show that she doesn’t appear all that different from Neptune herself.

Dengeki PlayStation contained a number of other details about the game, such as Pururut’s CPU form being called Iris Heart. Also revealed is that Neptunia V will continue to use 2D portrait art styles in conversations which will feature an enhanced Active Animation System, which makes these portraits more lifelike via breathing animations and small movements. Currently no gameplay footage has been released, though Neptunia V is set for release in Japan sometime this Summer.

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