Japanese gamers can buy Leon’s Resident Evil 6 jacket for $1,300

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Fans will buy just about anything when they love a game enough, and this fact is all the more prevalent in Japan where some gamers will be willing to spend $200+ on limited edition versions of games just to receive a few extra bonuses. This time however, gamers may need to break the bank to pick up the Resident Evil 6 premium edition in Japan.

The cost of the premium edition is ¥105,000, about $1,300 which makes it godawfully expensive. However those who purchase this expensive limited edition will receive a copy of the game, a set of four tablet case covers (one for Chris, Leon, Jake aka Wesker Jr., and a secret one), and Leon Kennedy’s leather jacket. No images have been released for the jacket so far but why not drop over a thousand dollars on a game?

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