Blizzard opens Diablo III Beta

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For this weekend only, Blizzard has decided to deliver the long awaited beta for those unfortunate players that have not tasted the essence of Diablo 3. This weekend should provide enough stress testing as anyone with a account can download the client and play. Once 10:00 A.M. PDT strikes on Monday, April 23, the stress servers will go offline, and participants will have only tasted a piece of Diablo 3.

Even if you have not opt-in for the beta, players can join and still be able to download the client. After the client had been downloaded, players can enjoy the gameplay of each of the five heroes to level 15. To find out more information about this open beta weekend, here is Blizzard’s FAQ.

Hell will be opened for merely three days… and unleashed forever on May 15th.

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