Bakemonogatari coming to North America courtesy of Aniplex

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Huge news coming out of Sakura-Con today as it was announced by Aniplex of America that they will be releasing the anime series Bakemonogatari in North America at some point in the future. Unfortunately at this moment Aniplex did not want to go into any further detail about how the show will be released nor when we can expect the release.

It is worth noting that the original release of Bakemonogatari featured 15 episodes, with three episodes released after the original airing of the series. Unfortunately Aniplex did not have anything to say about the sequel to Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari at the time of this announcement either. With high buy-rates and plenty of fans begging for a release in North America, Bakemonogatari may be a very lucrative release for Aniplex in the future.

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