3D Classics: Kid Icarus hits the eShop…

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After quite a wait, the original journey for Pit has hit the eShop for all those who chose not to pre-order. 3D Classics: Kid Icarus leads this week of Nintendo downloads, and looks to be the strongest and most worthy title up for grabs this week on the eShop scene. As expected, the price point is $5.99, so if you haven’t already obtained this gem, do so now.

I Must Run has also hit the DSiWare this week, and resembles Temple Run quite a bit, but at a 2D side-scrolling perspective. The art style is also quite pleasant, and for just $1.99, this entry is certainly worth a look, to say the least. Demo-wise, Nintendo have put up Pyramids, which is a bit of a puzzle platformer the player is tasked with getting out of the structures with loot in hand.

The Wii is absent in downloadables this week, but those with a 3DS and Nintendo are in luck, as College Humor’s Dinosaur Office is back with anotheeeeeeeeeeer seasooooooooooooon!

That wraps up this week’s Nintendo downloads, so go to the eShop and give this lot a look.

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