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Mission Sirius developed by Redwing Entertainment is one of the few iOS titles using the Unreal Engine3 technology correctly. Mission Sirius tells a story which takes place on the Planet Momokowith. You control a lone ranger by the name of Roger who is up to his eyeballs battling an array of enemies, with his only goal to fight for freedom and piece together why he is on Planet Momokowith. The storyline is full of mystery and uncertainty, only reaching its gripping conclusion during the final minutes of the game.

Mission Sirius operations are very simple and flexible for an on-rails shooter. Making it easier to operate than the traditional analogue stick FPS currently out in the App store at the moment. There are only two operations: aim-shoot, and reload.

The use of the Unreal Engine 3 technology within the game, truly give players a cinematic experience. Taking advantage of this, Mission Sirius is able to produce motion pictures and animations that are as good or if not better than some of the higher end titles currently in the iTunes store. Furthermore, you will have choices on a number of extraordinary scenes and weapons at your disposal. The latest video-audio technology used in the game ensures the fluency of pictures is maintained, even if a large group of enemies on the screen, the frame rate will not slow down allowing you to keep shooting smoothly to take down the enemies.

From open air to underground levels, you’ll face a variety of enemies such as alien monsters and mercenary troops, use laser guns, shotguns and a number of other weapons to take down you opponents. Mission Sirius may be a small-budget game, however, great things sometimes come in small packages. It has all the qualities and features of an excellent FPS game all wrapped up in an easy to play and very enjoyable on-rails shooter which certainly is worth taking a look at.

The Mission Sirius App is available for $3.99 from the App Store. Buy it now on iPhone or iPad.

Check out our game play video for Mission Sirius below.



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