Leaked screens are apparently for Doom 4

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There was this rather interesting ‘leak’ recently which some sources are claiming to be the very first screens of Doom 4.

These screens basically show off a gritty city environment that has been hit by several wars and natural disasters. Some of these screens show a real time tornado, wrecked up buildings and streets with abandoned war machines and vehicles, and lots of blood stains.

It looks nothing like a traditional Doom title, which is why most people are sceptical about it. You can check them out in the gallery below, take it however you like.


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  • Kent-Ronny Kristiansen

    If this is the upcoming DOOM4 i are very dissapointed and awfully angry.!
    ID soft!,let us get a real DOOM rather than such citylike trash!
    Let it be on Mars rather than Earth,-this is the DOOM we DOOM-lovers like,-not a reboot of the very dissapointing RAGE shown in october 2011.
    Please for yourself ID, DO NOT THIS MISTAKE AGAIN!!.

  • Ksker92

    wow. whoever is admin of this website is a fail. did you know id software stated these aren’t related to doom 4. get with it buddy. your kinda late with the news here.

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