EA showcase the Glassbox Engine

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Welcome Glassbox, the new Simcity physics engine that will power one of the most anticipated returns to the industry, and EA have unveiled a new trailer showcasing the engine and what it brings to the Simcity name. Dan Moskowitz, Game Lead on the project explain some of the ins and outs of the engine and how it uses resources, units and effects to give a real one to one representation of what the simulation is doing. The environments are highly detailed and the maps clearly define the resources available to use as well as giving a general idea of the terrain right down to the structural layer of the underneath earth. He goes on to explain the importance of agents in the game which are essentially used to transport various resources and items around the virtual cities and act as a catalyst for simulations. Please enjoy the trailer and let us know what you think so far remembering this is a simulation video not a representation of the graphics engine and abilities.

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