Activision release Battleship trailer and screenshots

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Some news from Activision as they have unveiled a few screenshots and a small glimpse via a trailer of some of the gameplay in the upcoming game Battleship, based on  Universal Pictures upcoming feature film which looks like it will be met with mixed feelings from film critics and buffs. The game is set at sea as Aliens have invaded and engaged in a full frontal batlle with the US Navy at sea. Players will take on the role of Cole Mathis, thus taking control of an entire Naval Fleet which will be used to fend off Alien technology and superior weaponry across all elements from Land to Air and Sea. Whether at Sea or on land the Alien forces will be relentless and players will be on edge all the time as they defend the Earth.

Battleship will be available XBox 360 and Ps3 on April 18th, and its also nice that Activision are providing support for the long forgotten Wii as well as the 3DS and DS whihc will feeature slightly augmented gameplay.

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