Champion Sneak Peek – Nautilus

Strategy RPG PC

Riot Games has just offered a short comic for their upcoming champion, Nautilus – the Titan of the Depths.

In the comic we can see that there is a fermenting hatred forming in the undeath of the latest champion. Remembering his last moments only as a dream, Nautilus has forged these memories as a personal vengeance for those that left him for dead. The severed anchor symbolizes his broken connection with the living and offers his opponents the same deliverance to join in a similar suffering.

Personally, I think Nautilus would make more sense as a ranged DPS champion. I would reduce his movement speed seeing that he has a major amount of diving gear. If the anchor is truly his main weapon, I would extend the reach with a chain which would provide not only ranged damage but also have a radial effect. His ultimate will surely have something to do with embedded secrets in Davy Jones’ locker. Beware of the KRAKEN!

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