Zero no Tsukaima F acquired by Sentai Filmworks; to be subtitle only

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Sentai Filmworks has revealed today that they have acquired the license rights to Zero no Tsukaima F, also known as The Familiar of zero F. They are currently planning on releasing the series on DVD later this year but have already revealed that the title will only be given a subtitled release and not a full English dub. This news comes after Friday’s announcement from Crunchyroll saying that they would stream the series for North American viewers.

Zero no Tsukaima F is the fourth and final anime series of Zero no Tsukaima which is based off of Noboru Yamaguchi’s light novel series. While it is disappointing to see that Zero no Tsukaima F is only going to be given a subtitled release, it is not unexpected. FUNimation previously held the rights to the first few seasons of the anime but let their licensing rights expire due to poor franchise sales.

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