Ubisoft Releasing Pre-Launch Vita Titles Including Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

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Ubisoft are so keen to get their Vita launch games out on shelves that they will actually be releasing them a whole week before the handheld is even out. This means that titles such as Dungeon Hunter: Alliance will be available from February 14, so gamers going for a day one Vita purchase can be super organised with their software purchases and stare longingly at their Ubisoft games for seven days before they even become playable.

Or, if you happen to live in North America and managed to grab hold of a First Edition PS Vita bundle (releasing February 15)  just one day of that waiting will do. Ubisoft are certainly taking no chances with their launch line up, making sure that every single Vita owner can grab their titles as soon as possible.

Other titles in the pre-launch line up should include Rayman Origins and Lumines, but more details are yet to come from Ubisoft.

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