The Wiggles launch new Alphabet App

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Being the Father of a 2 year old, I have seen the power of childrens entertainment first hand, so its great so see it being used for further educational purposes as well as having the amazingly lifesaving ability to keep her quiet. They dont come much more powerful than the Wiggles when it comes to Australian television, who have just announced their move onto the iPad, with their new Alphabet Adventure app available now through the app store. Designed specifically for the iPad, to allow for more interactive play, The Wiggles Alphabet Adventure is a fantastic way to keep kids aged 2-6 occupied when travelling as well as improving their comminication skills in inventive and engrossing ways. The Wiggles Alphabet Adventure app was designed by Salmat digital and takes kids on a journey through the alphabet, in that fun and addictive way that only the Wiggles can deliver.

To visit the store and check out this cool app visit here

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