Megaupload Shut Down – SOPA Cackles Maniacally


The file-sharing giant Megaupload has been officially shut down by the United States Government, with it’s founder and company employees all arrested for violating piracy laws. The U.S. Government claims that the raid and take down was a necessary reaction to Megaupload’s supposed illegitimate actions that caused half a billion dollars in lost revenue for various copyright holders.

Many fear that this is simply the first push by Government officials to get SOPA through. SOPA is of course the Stop Online Piracy Act, an act that if implemented would not only shut down websites like Megaupload but even websites such as Capsule Computers. Why would it shut Capsule Computers down you wonder? Well under the guidelines of SOPA any use of copyrighted imagery, videos or even words (all which are featured on our site simply to promote products and the entertainment industry) can result in 5 years jail time for piracy of copyrighted material.

Megaupload’s fall signifies the first strike and it will not be the last if SOPA is approved. Internet hacking group Anonymous have already retaliated by taking down a large number of Government websites in an act they call World War 2.0. We at Capsule Computers do not condone such actions, however we do support other manners of protest such as that taken by Wikipedia. Follow this link to see how you can help stop SOPA.

Megaupload may be gone, but they will not be forgotten. You can listen to their star-studded theme song below. It’s quite ironic that so many A-list artists supported Megaupload, yet they were apparently nothing but a band of pirates only intending to hurt said artists that supported them. Who is right and who is wrong? That’s up to you to decide.

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