Mega Man 25th Anniversary, Some ‘Things’ Planned

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Capcom certainly had quite a year in 1987, and 25 years on two of their oldest franchises Mega Man and Street Fighter are celebrating their 25th Anniversary.

Earlier today Capcom announced they had ‘big things’ planned for Street Fighter’s anniversary. Now they have revealed that instead of having ‘big things’ planned for Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary, they simply have ‘things’ planned.

Whatever those ‘things’ are exactly, we do not know. Let’s hope it’s not anything like how they chose to celebrate Mega Man’s 24th anniversary last year – by nailing an unsuspecting Mega Man into a cold coffin and immediately going back to talking about how Street Fighter x Tekken will change the face of fighting games.

So far they have released a nice little promo logo for the 25th anniversary which you can see above. Be sure to let us know what you think in the shoutbox and comments section.

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  • ForteDS

    megaman 3ds game

  • The_Crazy_Hand

    After what they did last year, they’re going to have to prove themselves and not just talk a good game.  And by “prove themselves”, I don’t mean releasing old games on the iPhone, or simply including Mega Man as a guest fighter in some street fighter games.

    I literally want to see some serious Mega Man titles released, and I don’t mean Star Force, ZX, or Battle network either.  I mean MMX9, MM11, or, of course, uncancelling MML3.  If they do that, I’ll start buying from them again.  It does seem that they are feeling the pressure and that is good, but if they aren’t willing to truly undo the damage, it will mean nothing.

    I’s a huge RE fan who is excited about RE6, but I will not buy the game if Capcom doesn’t redeem themselves.

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