FIFA Street Introduces Street Network

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EA Sports announced today the addition of the Street Network, a new feature in FIFA Street which will encourage social interaction and competition amongst players on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Players will be able to capture videos of their best tricks and moments and share them with friends, as well as being able to track and compare each other’s progress throughout all the game modes.

“Street football is all about the one-on-one battle, when you pull off a trick to roast your opponent,” said FIFA Street producer Sid Misra. “The Street Network brings that real-world swagger into the game by enabling players to capture video of those moments and share them with everyone in their street network to see, and providing friends with a way to compare each other throughout the game.”

The street Network will enhance the World Tour mode, where gamers can create a team of friends to compete in a online, connected world against other FIFA Street gamers. Players will be able to follow each other’s status as they build their squads, unlock new tricks, and ultimately make their qay through to street football glory. In-game videos such as “Goals of the Week” will be broadcasted directly amongst friends once shared, as will accomplishments and progress.

FIFA Street will be out on March 15th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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