CC FORUMS Launching January 17

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Capsule Computers is proud to announce the launch of the newly re-branded forum, CC FORUMS, which will be available to users as of January 17.

CC FORUMS will be more than easy to access as signing up as a Capsule Computers member (which can be done here) will also simultaneously sign the member up for the forum as well. For non-members, forum access will be also available via third party accounts Facebook, Twitter, Google, Windows Live, Yahoo and/or Flickr. However Members will get exclusive access to competitions and privileges such as the newly re-introduced Monthly Member Rewards and the CC FORUMS Ranking system.

Members can expect a sleek and attractive design that features a robust and cohesive structure. This design will neatly organize topics into sections for users to find their favorite subjects of discussion.

The Forum will also be home to a variety of new giveaways and competitions and launch day will see the first of which. While the current Monthly Member Rewards system took a short break during December, it’s making a triumphant return in CC FORUMS as the Monthly Member Rewards will now be announced via CC FORUMS.

Members will also have access to a ranking system, rewarding them with titles for posting, socializing and having fun in CC FORUMS. The battle to become the very first Capsule Computers Superstar will begin as of January 17!

All this and much more to come! So why don’t you become a member of our exciting community and help it grow? Maybe even enter a few competitions and win some stuff while your at it! In the meantime, keep an eye on the site as you can expect to see an exclusive sneak peek coming soon!

CC FORUMS will go live on January 17. Register as a member now so you can begin talking on the launch date!

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