Carry a Tune or Trick for a Treat with The Sims 3 Showtime

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A new year, a new Sims expansion. The latest add on for the Sims 3 is Showtime, which will let your Sims pursue some glitzy, glamorous careers in various areas of showbiz . EA have just released some new screenshots for the magician and singer career paths, complete with some of the usual Sim humor.

Before hitting the big time with their own stage show, magically inclined Sims will be able to pull off little tricks to impress their friends and earn some experience, whilst singers can be recruited to perform musical telegrams for Sims who are down on their luck or celebrating an occasion. Acrobat and DJ careers will also be available, and for the first time ever players will be able to send their character over to another game using the SimPort feature – fancy getting a friend over to show you some magic tricks? Well now it’s possible…

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