Akai Katana to be released in North America through new Rising Star U.S. branch

Xbox 360 Shooter News

In what can be seen as surprising, but very welcome news, Rising Star Games has announced this morning that they are opening up a new U.S. Headquarters based in California. They also have revealed that their first release will be the Cave made shoot-em-up Akai Katana.

As far as release date goes, they revealed that they are aiming for a simultaneous release for the Xbox 360 in North America in Europe sometime in Q2 2012. Also announced is a new division at the Rising Star studios. Rising Star Games Digital will publish titles on digital platforms including Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Steam, iOS and Android.

The managing director at Rising Star, Martin Defries had the following to say about the formation of Rising Star Games Digital: “Rising Star Games Digital has been something we’ve been working on for a while. We envisage a huge growth in downloadable product over the coming years, and intend to play a big part shaping the future development of our exciting industry.”

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