#1 Modern Warfare 3 Player’s Arrest Justified?

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So what we know as of now is that Kim Dotcom – a.k.a MEGARACER on MW3 – has been arrested for several charges primarily concerning copyright infringements for his website Megaupload. These are some hefty charges considering he will need to serve 50 years in prison for his collaborated charges. Now let’s compare and contrast another sentence and find where our moralities lie.

In a completely unrelated case, Miguel Carano has murdered, raped, and disposed of Marta De Castillo. In Spain the normal sentence for murder is 20 years. I know it may seem wrong to compare legal systems amongst countries, but the fact is that their is huge morality issue. How can a murder sentence amongst other non-violent crimes be less severe? Granted Kim Dotcom may not have to serve the entire 50 year sentence as some suspect, but that mere fact of the sentencing leaves a horrible taste of injustice.

“Operation Megaupload” carried through by online activists, Anonymous, has already fought back against the United States Government by shutting down the US Justice Department website. The following comment was issued by an Anonymous operative Barret Brown:

It was in retaliation for Megaupload, as was the concurrent attack on Justice.gov.

More is coming and other members of Anonymous are pursuing a joint effort with others to “damage campaign raising abilities of remaining Democrats who support SOPA”.

Whether you agree or not that Kim Dotcom’s sentence is justified, you should first look at all of the underlying themes. Have you yourself used Megaupload? Does this make you equally guilty? Or perhaps did Megaupload just promote items more freely because they where in fact free. Morals are one thing no one shares universally. If you think this is injustice, let your voice be heard.

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