Xenoblade Chronicles coming to North America April 2012

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While it may have taken a whole coalition of folks to try and get this title brought over to North America, it appears that Operation Rainfall has managed to get at least one of the titles they want. Nintendo revealed today that they are going to be launching Xenoblade Chronicles sometime in April 2012. Here is the kicker however, they will only be releasing it through GameStop and their own Nintendo.com website.

GameStop is currently listing a April 2nd release date, so expect a release in early April. This is a big win for fans of the Wii and especially for RPGs and shows that Nintendo of America at least cares a little bit about what their fans want. Expect to pay $49.99 when the title is released in April, though considering the hype I’m sure that is only a small price to pay for this title. Nintendo also released a new trailer for the title to go along with the announcement, which can be seen below.

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