Roll in to Fortune Street today!

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Want to navigate a virtual board game to control property and stock purchases? No? Well, what if there was famous characters from the Mario franchise as well as the illustrious Dragon Quest series? That is exactly what Fortune Street is, Monopoly with Mario and Slimes. This new first-party Wii release throws together some of the top players from both franchises (over 20) into one experience where the object of the game is to simply maximize your wealth.

Miis are also in the mix in Fortune Street and can even be customized with Ninja, Mario, and Dragon Quest attires as they go for gold in the 15 different game board settings from both franchises.

“During the holidays people like to get together with friends and family members to play games,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Fortune Street lets everyone have fun while buying, selling and trading property to grow their bank accounts.”

In the west, this marks our first Fortune Street release but over in Japan, this specific title was the 9th in the Itadaki Street series. Along with Xenoblade Chronicles, Nintendo have been on a nice localization trend and hopefully this title will be successful as future releases like Fortune Street are definitely a welcome sight to see considering the slim amount of games we have seen on the Wii in the past year. You can find Fortune Street in stores today, wherever video games are sold.

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