Rockstar recruiting Max Payne 3 gangsters

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If you ever wanted to be a gangster, walk around in million dollar suits with flagrant disregard for the law, but don’t like the appeal of spending 20 years behind bars, look no further as Rockstar Games are answering your call. As part of a twitter promotion, Rockstar are giving 8 lucky people the chance to lend their likeness to a multiplayer gangster character in their much anticipated upcoming release Max Payne 3.

To enter, simply use the #MaxPayne3 on Twitter, and between now and 13th January, Rockstar will choose, every week 10 random people who will be asked to submit photos of themselves for consideration, with 2 of them being chosen to appear in the title. For the best chance of getting your face in the game

– Make sure you follow @Rockstargames on Twitter

– Use the hashtag #MaxPayne3 when you tweet or talk about the game with others

– Keep an eye out for any Twitter replies or messages Rockstar send out

For more information visit the casting pages and check out the rules



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