Resident Evil: Revelations and Circle Pad Pro coming to 3DS in all its evil glory

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It matters not that I even own the system that Capcom’s new Resident Evil: Revelations is coming out on this February 2nd, I have just loved everything to do with the franchise since I first laid eyes on it on the original PlayStation. Well, its come a long way since those days, and despite not owning a 3DS, which has exclusive rights to the title, the storyline takes place between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, familiar to all console owners. Revelations has been specifically designed by Capcom to take full advantage of the 3DS features also allowing full compatibility with the Circle Pad Pro, and looks enticing enough to get me to go out and get one just for it.

Resident Evil has always been notorious for its intertwining character relationships and Revelations will not fail to disappoint, featuring new locations and characters as well as franchise favorites such as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. With Chris apparently lost on an abandoned cruise ship, Jill ventures out to find him based purely on a vague GPS location, knowing not of the T-abyss virus or the evil that is ahead of her.

This installment to the Resident Evil franchise goes back to the roots of the game, creating a truly immersive and nerve racking experience, akin to the original installments that scared to daylights out of many late night gamers. Also just to make things a bit more frustrating, finding ammunition and firepower to obliterate those zombies and meanies is just as hard as ever. Campaign mode is set over snow covered mountains and the abandoned cruise ship amongst many other environments. In the all new raid mode, you can either play in single or 2 player co-op to complete various missions and earn points with which to upgrade your character and inventory.

Incorporating the new Circle Pad Pro, Resident Evil Revelations can be explored in ways never seen before, using the extra shoulder buttons for more detailed exploration, or as a twin stick shooter. The touch screen allows players to solve puzzles, easily switch between weapons and view the labyrinthine map.

Coming soon, Resident Evil: Revelations will retail for $64.95 and the Circle Pad Pro for $24.95 in Australian markets, and especially if you played the amazing Gamecube or Wii versions of Resident Evil 4 you have to give this one a look in.


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