Raptr announces Skyrim as most played game of 2011

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Among video gamers there is a certain game-tracking service that is widely popular known as Raptr. They often take note of how long a gamer plays their various games and tells them the total time throughout a yearly, monthly or weekly breakdown. Now the service has revealed what the top-performing titles of the year 2011 have been revealed and most of them aren’t a big surprise.

Modern Warfare 3 has taken the cake as the most played shooter, Skyrim being the most played RPG and FIFA Soccer 12 being the most played sports title thanks to everyone except the US. What is surprising however is the fact that despite being out less than a month Skyrim is the most played game of this year with the longest hours of game time sunk into it. Quite an accomplishment for the massive title… just another accolade it can ad to its long list of them.

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