Mortal Kombat Goes on Hiatus

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Fatality! Ok not really, it’ll be back someday! Yesterday during a pre-show for the Spike VGAs, the father of Mortal Kombat Ed Boon announced that NetherRealm Studios will be taking a break from Mortal Kombat to work on different projects for a while, and the studio is currently working on a new title. The first of which was Batman Arkham City: Lockdown which was released for iOS devices this week. While no other projects have been announced, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is due for release early next year. Boon also stated that no future DLC is planned for Mortal Kombat at this point in time. Later at the Spike VGAs that night, Boon accepted an award on behalf of NetherRealm studios for best fighting game of 2011. Personally, I’m curious to see how NetherRealm works with other franchises and projects, although I do miss Mortal Kombat already. Hopefully it’ll kome back soon!

Source: Gamespot

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