Elf Rescue Out Now

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Special news from Article Circle, Finland, Lapland Studios is happy to announce that Elf Rescue is available for iPhone and iPad. Being the world’s first mobile game that has been approved by Santa Claus himself, Elf Rescue is available for £0.69 GBP, €0.79 EUR, and $0.99 USD.

With only a few hours before Christmas, Santa’s sleigh crashes into the wilderness. With presents missing and reindeer running amok, Aava – the dedicated elf – takes matters into her own hands. Aava must track down the presents and all of the reindeer in order to bring children everyone the wonderful gift of Christmas. But she only has a few hours to spare…

Lapland Studios’ CEO, Ilkka Immonen, comments:

We’re proud that Santa has given his seal of approval to Elf Rescue! It’s tremendously exciting, and we’re looking forward to releasing further episodes that continue the story of Santa’s journey in the very near future.

With Santa’s stamp of approval it is hard to pass up on this holiday themed game. Take a look at Elf Rescue gameplay trailer below, and see further information in the App Store. Get Elf Rescue, and save Christmas!

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