Posted by Travis Bruno on Dec 14, 2011

Columbia has seen better times than in this BioShock Infinite trailer

Just one glance at the floating city of Columbia and one should be able to gather that the city once a flourished. However it seems that just like a city below an ocean, a city in the sky is no place that can stay beautiful for very long. In the latest trailer released for BioShock Infinite, 2k Games and developers Irrational Games give us a look at some of the titles gameplay.

All of the gameplay you see below is taken directly from in-game and looks absolutely wonderful. Even if you don’t feel like watching the gameplay, the video also contains a song sung by none other than the lead female character in the title, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is central to BioShock Infinite’s storyline as the player must protect her from the dreadful robotic Songbird and make use of her ability to tear open rifts in time to survive. Catch the trailer below.

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