Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Japanese release date revealed with new screens

Square Enix News Music 3DS

Square Enix of Japan has set a release date for their first music based Final Fantasy title ever. The title of course is Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and the release date for this new title is February 16th. For those who don’t know Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy will contain songs from all Final Fantasy titles ranging from I to XIII and is being developed by IndiesZero.

Along with this release date, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy was also given a few new screenshots which you can see below. They show off a number of the game’s phases as well as a few of the new characters that have been recently announced as unlockable sub-characters. At the moment, no release date has been given for the North American version of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy but we can now have a sort of ballpark range for that release as well.

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