Skyward Sword location showcase – Lanayru Desert and Mining Facility

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Skyward Sword is getting ever closer, and Nintendo are getting ever more spoiler like with their coverage of Link’s latest epic quest. The newest information from the developer covers the Lanayru Desert area of the game, so if you don’t want what amounts to a brief walk-through of the area then best stop reading!

The Lanayru Desert checks off the sand themed area box for Skyward Sword, taking over from past locations such as the Gerudo Desert and Desert Colossus – make sure and tell us what you think in the comments section below – is this just a copy of previous game areas? Read on to find out.

The barren and dusty area is littered with monsters – there is little left of the highly advanced society that used to dwell there. Echoing the revival of Hyrule in the Wind Waker, Link discovers a crystal that reawakens the area when he strikes it, drenching Lanayru with vibrant colours and bringing the old mining robots back to life.

There are familiar faces to be found in this vast surface region too – it’s always a happy day when there are Gorons around! Rollercoaster like mine carts wind around towers, and Link must take advantage of his newfound claw-shots to traverse the pillared landscape. Nintendo also mention that Link will return here numerous times – there is a Desert Sea to be crossed, which perhaps explains the presence of a giant Captain Hook robot in the trailer! (see final video)

The main attraction in Lanayru(other than pirate bots rather nifty trousers) is the Lanayru Mining Facility, the dungeon for the area packed with snake like monsters and less than friendly mining equipment. Link will pick up a rather unique new weapon here – the Gust Jar. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and unleashes a blast of air that can stun enemies or clear paths through sand. Lurking in the ever so subtle giant arena of death will be scorpion boss Moldera, who no doubt is slightly averse to being attacked by a certain windy container…

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Skyward Sword will finally be released on November 20, and you can see the trailer for the Lanaryu Desert area below, complete with pirate! Yarr!


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