Sega releases Samurai Bloodshow free edition

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Sega US and Sega Europe are proud to announce that they are giving all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users the chance to lead the Taira into battle against the hungry Minamoto forces by releasing a free version of Samurai Bloodshow for all to have. Featuring stunning Japanese picture scroll type graphics, Samurai Bloodshow allows players to wage war in feudal Japan and features a one of a kind mix of card based and strategic defense gameplay. Additionally the full version of the game will be available to purchase from the crazy low price of 99c in US and Australia, but get in quick as its only a limited offer.

Samuria Bloodshow is set across 20 different levels and terrains, complete with fog, waterways and many other environments, with multiple different difficulty options. Players must collect game cards which can then be traded with friends to compile the ultimate deck for your own style of play. While battling Minamotos waves of soldiers, victorious outcomes will earn you 1 of 64 disctinct warriors to fortify your clan. For those who are too impatient and just want to dominate from the start, additional cards can be purchased from in-app stores. Samurai Bloodshow also has a 2 player feature where players can battle it out locally by Bluetooth or online through the game centre feature. Two player card trading can also be done through the Bluetooth connection if local to each other.


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