Resident Evil 6 appears on veteran voice actor’s credit list

Rumours Capcom

While there are a few Resident Evil titles on the way, there has been no announcement about an actual continuation in the game’s main storyline since the release of Resident Evil 5. However that may all be changing as Capcom’s headline series may be getting a numbered sequel as Resident Evil 6 is now rumored to be alive.

The rumors come from the fact that veteran voice actor Joe Cappelletti’s credit page showed Resident Evil 6 as one of the titles he has worked on. This includes many recent titles and a number of other Capcom owned titles. Since then the listing was removed, but the question here is that there are no other titles even close to Resident Evil 6 on his page, so perhaps his reveal was a bit too early for Capcom’s tastes? Though the misspelling of Modern Warfare 3 could lead to some doubts…

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