Opena Case, for those who drink and text

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Ever experienced that heart break of when you need to open a bottle but alas your hands are just not good enough? Can’t find a good enough key-ring bottle opener? Just want to be super trendy and prove some smart mouth wrong when they snarkily ask you if you have a bottle opener app?

Well then, you are in luck! Because Rob Ward and Chris Peters have thought of this earlier and made the ‘Opena case’, the world’s first iPhone 4 case with a slide out bottle opener.

The case itself is made from polycarbonate and stainless steel, so your phone will be protected from any drinking-related accidents. Rigorously tested against all sorts of drinking accidents (including shaken up beer), the Opena is sure to really be a party hit.

The Opena is available for $39.95 in black and white. For more information go to their site here.

BRB, playing games.

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