Nearly One Million Xbox 360 systems sold last week…

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If anyone has a right to celebrate about sales from Black Friday, it’s Microsoft. Last week alone, 960,000 Xbox 360 systems were sold in the U.S., with 800,000 being sold in a 24 hour period. As many of you were probably aware, you couldn’t go anywhere last week without seeing some kind of sale on the system or the Kinect bundles, which definitely played a large role in these record breaking sales.

With nearly one million in one week alone, we should now start expecting to see even more coming from Microsoft in the next year as they will be sure to treat those new-found Xbox 360 owners with even more new features and titles over the next year to keep their 360s at the forefront of their gaming setups…or so we hope. Either way, congrats Microsoft, you win this one.

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