Max and the Magic Marker Doodles onto Shelves Today…

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After landing on several platforms in the past, Max and the Magic Marker has finally released for the Nintendo DS as of today. For those unfamiliar, Max and the Magic Marker has players take the role of young Max. After finding a magic marker, he doodles up a monster who breaks loose into the world and it’s now up to him to track down the beast using the very pen that started his adventure.

Easy Interactive released this statement about Max and the Magic Marker’s DS release:

“With the unique use of the DS Stylus in the newest iteration of Max and the Magic Marker, we really wanted to continue to provide players with a innovative gaming experience that is both educational and fun,” said Michel van Elmpt, Managing Director, Easy Interactive. “With new in game content including never before seen levels and challenges, players must use the stylus as their very own magic marker and let their creativity shine.”

Features Include:

  • Embark on an adventure through three stunning worlds as they come to life
  • Take on challenges leaping through 15 levels using the power of the marker to draw objects into your very own world
  • Solve a variety of problems and puzzles in order to unlock rewards
  • Intuitive use of the DS stylus as the magic marker allows players to let their creativity soar
  • Featuring the original soundtrack by Danish band Analogik, the colourful correlation of music provides a more realistic appeal to the audience
  • Those who are looking for yet another innovative platformer on the DS can now find Max and the Magic Marker wherever videogames are sold for $29.99.

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