Fossil Fighters Champions Digs it’s way into stores…

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It’s time yet again to grab those shovels, as Fossil Fighters Champions is now out on the Nintendo DS. This follow-up of Fossil Fighters has players dig up fossils of creatures known as Vivosaurs and after a bit of cleaning, fully restore the said being in order to go to battle in the grand tournament. If you are thinking this sounds like Pokemon or even the Dragon Quest Monsters series, you’d be on the right track as the similarities are definitely there, but Champions puts more of an emphasis on discovery rather than battle.

“Fossil Fighters: Champions turns players of all ages into budding paleontologists,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Up to four players can dig in and have fun.”

The amount of content this sequel offers has also risen, with players now able to download additional vivosaurs and events which further the narrative and provides unique species to all users that have access to a Wi-Fi connection. Yes, there is definitely more this time around in this pre-historic battling romp, and you can now find Fossil Fighters Champions in stores everywhere as of today for the Nintendo DS.

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