Build the Future with Anno 2070 – out today

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If you’re hankering for a bit of in depth city building, then Anno 2070 is out today to fulfill all your bizarre city management cravings. Ubisosft’s latest addition to the world of  PC strategy sees the Anno series take it’s first steps into the future, and todays release comes with a new trailer extolling the virtues of the games continuous mode. Complete with a bit of epic movie trailer man voice over, it also shows off what looks to be a very stylish addition to the genre. 

Continous mode promises unlimited progression for your dream cities, whilst still providing some structure to the gameplay with three different factions to choose from. The whole game pits environmental and industrial development styles against each other, and it’s jump into the future allows players to build cities underwater as well as fill them with shiny new building styles.

Anno 2070 is out now on PC, and will recieve a full review from Capsule Computers in the future…hopefully before 2070.

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