Apple iPhone explodes midflight on Australian airline

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Looks like Apple have finally taken the concept of having one of the hottest items on the market a little too literally, obvioulsy adding just a little too much spice to one particular iPhone which has self destructed on a regional flight from Lismore to Sydney. While travelling on Regional Express flight ZL319 on Friday, the passengers older model Iphone 4 suddenly started “emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow”, according to a Regional Express statement.

The plane was in the middle of landing when the incident occurred and “In accordance with company standard safety procedures, the flight
attendant carried out recovery actions immediately, and the red glow was extinguished successfully,” according to Regional Express’ statement. When the plane landed safely the offending item was removed and handed over for investigation to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau who as of yet have not come to a conclusive answer.

While Apple products are not prone to exploding en masse, there have been several incidents around the world that have resulted in many investigations. An iPod exploded on a busy commuter train in Japan, and the European Union has launched many investigations, after several iPods and iPhones caught fire midflight, with reports across the UK, Holland, France and Sweden. Apple have also in the past recalled some of their producst spefically due to faulty batteries, mainly lithium in type.

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