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Of all the Science Fiction series I’ve watched (and thanks to my wife it’s been quite a few), Warehouse 13 is the only one that seems to keep my interest episode after episode, and Season after Season. As such I have asked myself why? What is it about this particular show that has kept me watching when my interest in so many other shows had waned. After much deliberation the best interpretation as to my dilemma I could come up with was “Warehouse 13 brings together so many (in)famous myths and icons as well as concepts we want to believe in and grasp onto, even if just to break up the dull monotony of everyday life which is so void of wonder and magic”.

Anyone with a love of a good conspiracy story or an interest in alternate interpretations of well known historical events and icons will find an immediate attraction to the secret Warehouse 13 and its individually unstable protectors who amazingly manage to successfully form a balanced team. With a storyline that twists and folds on itself, revisiting and reintroducing new and past characters, there is never a dull moment and always a surprise around every Warehouse corner.

Even if you are not a huge fan of Science Fiction, Warehouse 13 would appeal to anyone with even a slightly quirky nature, mostly due to the instantly recognisable artifacts and historical figures cleverly interwoven into the storyline. Additionally there has been exceptional character relationships built over the Seasons, which provide much entertainment and succeed in their primary goal of eliciting many an emotional response from the viewer.

From the dark and mysterious Mrs Fredericks who seems to defy the laws of physics, popping up when least expected, through to Artie and his team of “chosen ones” who protect the Warehouse from those hell bent on acquiring what’s inside, each character has his or her own unique story outlining how they became entangled in the mess that is Warehouse 13. For those of you who are completely in the dark, Warehouse 13, is a secret location that houses the worlds most dangerous and interesting artifacts. From Lewis Carrols looking glass to Sylvia Plaths typewriter, each artifact, while seemingly innocent, houses dark and destructive powers, especially in the wrong hands.

Warehouse 13 is currently in its 3rd Season in the US with a fourth season recently being agreed upon. The show has been met with huge success, with the first 6 episodes being amongst the top 10 highest ranked shows on the SyFy channel and episode 6 holding the record for highest rated show. There has also recently been a cross over between shows which have seen characters from the popular series Eureka featuring in Warehouse capers.

Stay tuned for more Warehouse 13 news as Capsulecomputers interviews some of the stars of the 2 high ranked series including Agent Pete Lattimer on their upcoming visit to Australian fans.

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