Why Apple will take over the world

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After recently acquiring an iPad I find myself the owner of an all Apple family consisting of an iPhone, iPad, iMac and Macbook. If Apple starts making appliances I’ll probably own those as well (though not until the reviews pan out, I’m not that insane). The only Microsoft product I own is an Xbox, I’m just waiting for Apple to team up with a console (I’m kidding, and also if they did it would probably be Nintendo).

With the iOS 5 and the iCloud integration system coming out, it looks like Apple is turning into a lifestyle instead of just some pieces of tech. And, in the perfect example, I have this Apple lifestyle. I wasn’t always like this though, I promise, in fact the Apple fever only started recently.

I was always a huge PC backer, I laughed at Apple people and their lack of games. I had experience with the big colourful boxes when I was a kid and I hated them and their whole way of doing things, I was firmly into my dislike of change at that point. Then Vista happened. A little while later (around four years ago now) I found myself needing a new computer because my old one had a virus (not from porn, at least I don’t think so) and to get XP on a new desktop meant I had to either settle for an old machine or pay more. As a Jewsian I not only want a cheaper product, but I want a fairly decent quality product, so both those options went against my life philosophies. Then the sales guy dragged my mother and I over to the pretty, pretty iMacs. They were relatively cheap, had far less processing power but they didn’t need as much so it kind of balanced out, inbuilt cam, no tower, and just so, so pretty.

I took my pretty iMac home and started playing with it. First off, I couldn’t find the internet browser and didn’t have the internet browser capable phone to Google what it was. But after overcoming that little hurdle I got to business. I hated the Mac version of MSN Messenger, but the rest of Microsoft Office was dealable, and then came the long love affair with Apple.

A year ago I signed up for an iPhone 3GS, then half a year ago I bought a Macbook (old but reliable and funnily enough more highly powered than my iMac), and so on.

But I don’t just like Apple cos it’s pretty. That wouldn’t be enough to make me stick around through the lack of decent games (although, thank God that is changing), it’s the integration and the way that it basically tries to make your life just that bit simpler.

For example, I wasn’t aware of this, but after buying my Macbook I saw that in Finder (file browser) I could connect to my iMac wirelessly. I didn’t need to install software, adjust network settings, or even go to effort to find it, my iMac was just calmly chilling out in the sidebar of Finder.

Not only can I transfer files back and forth over my network, but I can also share screens with it and control it remotely. Which has led to more than a few pranks on my part if anyone’s using the iMac at the same time.

Then we come to the portable Apple products. These days there are apps that utilise two iPhones or iTouches as controllers and an iPad as the screen (off the top of my head, Fifa 12 and Scrabble). Basically this says to people that own an iPad without the smaller devices, ‘why?’.

There’s a reason Apple is going to take over the world if people let them, and it’s not because Apple is pretty or that they have superior tech (which I will be the very first to admit they don’t), but it’s because they push the boundaries and that the way they design their products is to fit with the rest of their products. So once you buy one, you tend to buy another and another, until pretty soon you’re like me.

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BRB, playing games.

  • Well they still only control about 5% of the actual computer market as a whole. So, we will see. I think they will continue to grow at a steady rate, and their personal products (iPhone, iPod etc) obviously have their respective markets cornered. However in the long run, competition will eventually slow their growth and Microsoft and others will still have enough money to start their own countries. 🙂

    However the point you bring out about your network being seamlessly linked is interesting. The concept of everything in their lineup being able to work together as a UNIVERSAL unit is a tremendous feature.

    Overall, they are an awesome company and I will most likely be getting an iPhone 4S, if just to keep up the AAA games being released on it. I will let you know if that sucks me into buying an iMac too 😉

    Great article!

    • Jessica Barabas-Bui

      Thanks Jed 🙂 Yeah definitely agree in regards to the computers, I mean unless you’re doing graphic or video stuff. They pretty much just have the casual market down with the people who only want to do the basic stuff and don’t have so much pride that they need the unused stuff. So, y’know, perfect for combining with the Wii.

      I’m sure they’ll introduce something to try and get their iPhone/iPod market over to their computers. Like unlimited porn or money rebates or something…

      • UNLIMITED?! I am switching…. :p

        • Jessica Barabas-Bui

          Hahahah there would be worldwide Apple store riots!

  • Reesesforlunch

    I think eventually everything will be connected to each other and we’ll have a single machine that does most everything. I.E. Your tv will be your pc and gaming machine and will sync with whatever phone, tablet, etc you need to take with you to work. Apple certainly is poised to fill this role but only time will tell.

    • Jessica Barabas-Bui

      Yeah definitely, it looks like it’s gonna be a race to see who gets there first and secures the market. Apple seems to be winning.

      For me, the company who first comes out with the computer Tony Stark has in his basement will own my heart <3.

  • You wanted something cheaper, so you went with Apple??

    When does that ever happen?! Their stuff may be decent, but their main draw is accessibility. They’re aiming at the casual user market, which is fine, but I don’t like their philosophy about it, which seems to be “they don’t know what stuff’s worth, we can charge $400 to upgrade from 4Gb to 8Gb RAM.”

    Apple are the Socialists of the computer industry: if you want accessories, apps, repairs, anything related to their stuff, you have to go through Apple, which means they can charge whatever they want.

    PC is more democratic – if you don’t like a company’s products, use a different company. And you don’t have to go through one company for repairs – you can tackle it yourself, if you have the knowhow, the Asian dude in that seedy alleyway store can fix your PC for cheap, or any store that sells PCs can fix it up.

    A $2000 Mac can do some cool things, but for less than half that, you can get a top notch PC that can do way more. That’s why I’m not keen on the $800 iPhone 4S – my $300 Android phone can already do all of the “innovative new features”. It doesn’t look as pretty, granted, but does it actually include an extra $500 worth of pretty?

    • Jessica Barabas-Bui

      At the time (from my possibly faulty memory) I’m pretty sure that it was the cheaper alternative not only cos the processing power is negligible, but because the PCs that were in the same price family didn’t have the power to run Vista comfortably.

      Plus I was only using it for Word, videos, the web and the occassional vlog haha. But its lasted longer than my PCs did, so I’m fairly pleased with it.

  • Kyle Moore

    If you’re willing to forgo tactile media like game controllers or books, Apple do an amazing job of creating (near) closed off network.

    I own an iMac too purely because we were forced to design on them at Uni and I got used to navigating one. The only problem is the whole… marketing as being simple thing… as it does mean that some people dish out 2k for a very pretty type writer.

    But I agree that they aren’t so much pushing technology as a lifestyle. The whole, we’ve created a network of everything you need that will fit in your hand, mentality of the iPhone works great to the extent that people have bought iPads which at first glance seemed like the most trivial device ever. I’ll admit, I own an iPad too now and take it everywhere. I don’t know if it a clever marketing thing that makes me think I can cater it to my needs, or if it is actually capable of it, but I’ve managed to get a lot of use out of my iPad: especially for study purposes.

    In terms of computing, I doubt Microsoft will ever be taken down. But that would only be because they’ve established themselves as the point of entrance for most needs. Like people have said, if you want to game or use microsoft products, you need a PC. That’s probably why apple have gone for the lifestyle route, to establish themselves as the central point of a better style of living.

    Anyway, it’s all just competing monopolies and I’ve fallen into the Apple trap. Don’t know if it is good or bad… If I’m down $500 for having an iPhone it seems bad haha.

    • Kyle Moore

      I forgot to mention that this was a great read and very through provoking 😀

  • Darren Resnekov

    it is a good read nice article
    i do have a few things to say about Apple
    no matter what they do their treatment
    of their manufacturers and blatant disregard to human rights forbids my life philosophies from touching their products
    add to this their anti competitive behaviour against samsung and its no surprise they hold the market share they do
    Vista was crap but windows 7 made up for it
    As the guy at Dick Smith said to me
    Fantastic products, evil company

  • Simon Clenton

    Great article my friend, you make many very valid points concerning the global domination of Apple.

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