Viz Media announces Boys-Love manga range

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Viz Media, have officially announced that they will be taking the plunge into territory most thought they would never plunge to, that being the entire Yaoi/Boys-Love genre.

Now while this may seem a little confusing for most who know about Viz Media, considering that their Shojo Beat line-up was rather stagnant in comparison to their far more popular Shonen Jump range. It seems that Viz Media will be trying to grab back the teen-female market who seem to be obsessed with guy on guy romance (seemingly even more so than gay men themselves).

The current plan is to launch the line-up mostly in digital format under the title SuBLime (the capitalised B and L stand for Boys-Love). THey will be kicking off the digital launch with the popular Yaoi manga series Sex Pistols which Viz will be renaming Love Pistols. The SuBLime range will be launched this December.

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