Testament to Sherlock Holmes strips a little away from the mystery

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Has Sherlock Holmes finally cracked after years of pursuing and outsmarting Londons worst criminals, and delved into the seedier side of that which he knows best, deceit and murder. Or has the iconic detective been setup, left helpless and unable to prove his innocence. All shall be revealed eventually in Frogwares “The testament of Sherlock Holmes”, but for now we can enjoy the latest instalments of screenshots of Sherlock and Watson continuing their investigations.

When all the evidence is pointed firmly in your direction, sometimes the best option is to get as far away as possible. Leaving Scotland Yard and the territory he knows best, Sherlock disappears, convinced even his faithful friend Dr. Watson’s belief in him is vanishing. Enter you, taking control of the famous Holmes, utilising controls specifically designed for home console systems.

With a complex and adult orientated storyline, rich in complex puzzles that are both challenging and insightful, Sherlock Holmes will put a test on your powers of deduction and reasoning. Players will have to handle and inspect clues, re-enact crimes and utilise the games new deduction system to get to the bottom of Holmes deep mystery.

The Testament to Sherlock Holmes will be available early 2012 and will feature on PS3, XBOX 360 and PC platforms. Keep tuned to capsulecomputers.com.au for more mystery to unfold.



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