Tekken Hybrid Mad Catz FightStick bundle announced exclusively for ClubNamco

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To commemorate the relaunch of their ClubNamco online store, Namco Bandai has revealed that there will be an exclusive Tekken Hybrid bundle that can only be purchased through that store. The bundle will include the Tekken Hybrid limited edition package as well as an exclusive Mad Catz Tournament Edition S FightStick with the classic Namco logo printed on the side.

You can pre-order the bundle here, but better make sure you have a decent amount of money to pull from. The bundle is running at $249.99 and is going to be limited to only a 1,000 unit run. Still for that price you get a rather classic looking fightstick as well as the contents of the game. But this is perhaps only something true fans of fighting games will see as valuable.

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