Skyward Sword Rumours Coming to 3DS!?

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In a listing by a popular gaming press compendium, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is being listed as 3DS. This site is a very credible place to obtain gaming information, so it can be trusted.

Does this mean that Skyward Sword will be coming to the 3DS? It is unlikely, it could just be an error on the websites part. But, considering the credibility of the source, I think that it may be a hint at the titles future; and that future could be on the 3DS.

What does everyone in the community think? Skyward Sword on 3DS? Is it possible?

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  • Harold

    considering how skyward sword has the motion controls, i don’t think it’s very likely, it’s most likely an error on their part

  • Dante

    Just because the wii version has motion controls doesn’t mean that the 3ds version(if real) should. Twilight princess had them too and the gamecube version didn’t. So it is definitely possible to port the game.

  • Anonymous

    yeah motion plus is a big feature of the game i bet they wouldn’t take that away from it

  • mostlyspoonzzz

    I could see them maybe doing a 3DS sequel in the same style as skyward sword, just like windwaker had ds sequels, but probably not a full-on port of the game. On Wii it requires a dual layer DVD disc, which means its far too big for a 3DS cartridge…

    • Todd

      How do you know it will be on a dual layer disc?

  • I’m pretty sure it was just a typo on Gamepress. I really doubt this is coming to 3DS.

  • Justin Wyvill

    I think that in all likelihood they will make the game for the 3ds Console. If they can convert Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, legend of Zelda, legend of Zelda II, Majora’s mask, Four swords, Link’s Awakening, and maybe a few others to different consoles why not this. It’s like the transformation of the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess into the Wii Version, but in reverse onto a hand held system. Sounds harder than it really is, but if they don’t go through with it or it was an error I’m going to be pretty depressed.

    • They could easily change the 1:1 motion to some kind of touch-screen based mechanism. This game could work well on a 3DS.

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