Rayman Origins combat trailer – bubblize those goons!

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Bubblize (verb) : To render a foe spherical, floaty and useless by the means of cartoon violence, often inflicted despite an obvious lack of limbs.

Methods can include standard attacks such as punching and kicking, but more creative combatants have been known to swallow, crush and trap their foes. Why this results in said bubbliness is anyone’s guess, but as it’s entertaining and visually pleasing no one really minds.

The art is especially practised by the inhabitants of Rayman Origins, seen here demonstrating the technique:

Potential bubblizers should note that this technique does not function correctly in the real world, and will probably result in pain, embarrassment and/or jail time.  Please wait until November 24 before attempting to bubblize, and then only with a copy of Rayman Origins firmly in hand.

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