Gears of War 3 ‘Raam’s Shadow’ DLC announced for December 13

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Those who have purchased the $25 Gears Season Pass should be happy to hear when they will be able to download the next piece of Gears of War 3 DLC for absolutely nothing. The rest of us however, will have to pay 1200 Microsoft Points when this piece releases December 13th. The DLC announced earlier today by Epic Games is called Gears of War 3: Raam’s Shadow.

Raam’s Shadow will take place before the events of the first Gears of War game, featuring a mix of new characters in a group known as the Zeta Squad. Players will enter the world of Sera post-Emergance Day and be tasked with evacuating Ilima City against a Locust Kryll storm. Zeta squad will consist of Michael Barrick who was in the Gears comics, Lt. Minh Young Kim from Gears 1 and Tai Kaliso from Gears 2. Plus there will be a new female soldier known as Alicia Valera added to the mix.

Besides the story content, players will also unlock six new multiplayer characters, the Chocolate Weapon skin and 250 extra achievement points. Obviously the new skins will be the characters of Zeta Squad and most likely Raam. But who is the last one I wonder? Care to venture a guess?

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  • Cellophane Girl

    Hmm I’m thinking maybe an alternate costume for one of the characters.

    Also a chocolate lancer sounds tasty. 😉

    • Michael Marr

      Cosuming your Lancer is inadvisable, as they contain numerous sharp metal pieces, any number of which can cause choking, allergic reactions, the spread of HIV as well as a bitter metal aftertaste. Oh, and death.

      Making the LOCUST cosume your Lancer is far more enjoyable 😛

      • Can someone make me a Chocolate Lancer ? I’ll eat it .. 🙂

        oh by the way cant WAIT for this DLC !!

        • Cellophane Girl

          You excited for something Gears related? I would have never guessed. X]

          I don’t know about making a chocolate lancer, but I might be able to make a chocolate cake shaped like a lancer.
          Actually, that’s a pretty good idea. I may have to talk to my friend who is amazing at making cakes and get him to help me make one for my husfriends birthday. He would love it. And what a way to turn 30. ^u^

      • Cellophane Girl

        Yeah but if it was just a life sized lancer made entierly out of chocolate. Oh that would be yummy.
        It would put me into a diabetic coma, but what a way to go. 😉

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