Capcom apologizes to Mega Man Legends 3 fans

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Capcom have finally bitten the bullet in regards to the highly criticised Mega Man Legends 3 cancellation. In response to the collossal outcry from fans, left disgruntled after Capcom pulled the plug on the 3DS title, that was essentially built upon fan interaction.

The cancellation caused a utter divide between Capcom and their fanbase. Fans then mounted an elaborate effort to overturn Capcom’s decision, sadly the effort was in vain. However, news has now broke that Capcom have begun the hefty task of sending letters to some of their more vocal fans, in order to apologize and thank them for their support. However, the letters are currently only being sent to Japanese fans.

It is unknown whether the letters will be sent outside of Japan, but as of posting they have only been recieved by Japanese Mega Man Legends 3 fans. Even though, the apology notes may currently be only circulating through-out Japan, it is a sign that Capcom does truly regret what is without a doubt a huge mistake. Unfortunately, Capcom have shown no hint of correctly this grave mistake, nor is it likely they will for the forseeable future.

The letters feature a personalized letter from Capcom, a sketch of the Servbot character from the series as well Servbot key-rings. Here is an example of one of the letters that was recieved by a fan of series:

What do you think of Capcom finally conceding and apologizing for their fallout with their once dedicated fan base? Let us know your thoughts in the shout box or comments section below.

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  • Servbot #2159

    I don’t think this is actually them acknowledging the efforts of the fans JUST YET. Sure it’s something, but in the message of when the project was cancelled, to quote:

    “Q: Will the people whose ideas were supposed to go in the game receive something else instead?

    A:Yes, those whose ideas were to be implemented in the game will receive a commemorative gift, which will be shipped at a later date.”

    If i’m correct, this is the “commemorative gift” that was meant to be sent… of course I could be wrong. Just continue to fight on for Megaman Legends 3. Legends Never Die!!

    • megaman Legends 3 make it now megaman Legends games r #1 in my book if that not then fuck them to hell

    • Cellophane Girl

      That’s what it sounds like to me. Just sending out the “commemorative gift” with an apology letter.

      Seems like it would be better for them to skip the letter and make the game. If they were truly sorry anyway.

  • Wally-G

    Half-assed and showing once again how Japanse gamers are favored more than Western Gamers.

  • Mister X

    Why would they apologize now? It took them a couple of months to do that now?

  • Amunshen

    Please feature the small drawing of Elysium on the backside of that Servbot paper as well

  • TheTruth

    They’re lower than shit for scratching that game like they did.

    They don’t deserve my respect or forgiveness anymore. They killed all my hope.

  • MKVarana

    This isn’t really Capcom apologizing for cancelling Legends 3, per say, but more of a promised “consolation prize” for people who won contests to have their character designs and stuff like that put into the game. Protodude has more information here:

  • Nick

    I would like to support Capcom again but you know, after all of that I don’t think I’ll be buying their crap ever again. They’ll have to work hard to get my attention again. All they do is rehash after all. They never listen to the fans!

  • Wow what you guys need to check your facts. Like MKVarana said, this is only a consolation prize for those who won some of the contests in the Devroom. Furthermore, what makes you say this is “the effort was in vain”? The past tense makes it seem like the fight is over lol. The official statement has been made that the game was cancelled, we have nothing to lose by fighting to overturn this decision. There has been no official statement by Capcom since the cancellation notice, so please get your facts straight. Go to to help in the fight. It goes without saying that this is the biggest ACTIVE backlash in video game history, so while we can’t say for sure we’ll make a difference, we can say that nothing will be accomplished by sitting on our asses whining. We’ll be at NYCC next weekend so find us there and show your support!

  • Jordan

    It’s always about Street Fighter, Dead Rising, and Devil May Cry. What happened to the Capcom who cared about the Blue Bomber, and the fans behind it? Capcom has become a giant clusterf*** of a company, I didn’t buy MVC, Ultimate MVC3, Dead Rising 2 OTR, and I won’t buy Devil May Cry 5. Screw Capcom, destroying Megaman Legends 3 was stepping beyond over the line.

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