Modern Warfare 3 achievements revealed!

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Modern Warfare 3 may not be out for a little under a month in a half but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out about the game’s achievements right this minute. The full achievement list has been revealed and posted up at Xbox360Achievements. Now taking a look at these achievements is of course at your own spoiler risk, as there is only one secret achievement.

The other achievements range from multiple achievements in Spec Ops mode, to beating the levels on any difficulty and then on veteran as well as performing a certain task within a specific level which is more or less standard from Modern Warfare 2. Still if you don’t want to spoil the level names or anything like that, perhaps you may not want to take a peak.

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  • Man not the special opps missions again !! in Mw2 i did get 1000/1000 but the special opps missions were the hardest I’ve ever done on any game .. its brining back memories when I was back in the war (MW2 war that is) shit like how are we gonna pull this one on off.

    Serrated Edge

    Finish a Juggernaut with a knife in Special Ops.

    There will be some sort glitch like there was with the previous one where you had to take down the Juggernauts in the Favela slums map.

    Lets see. At least I can say one good thing about MW is that they keep their achievements away from the online multiplayer aspect of the game. Spec Ops is reasonable as you do it with a friend which can be quite fun.

  • IIxiTzDaniel.

    Got 100% on all of other cods planning to on this 1!

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